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Image of FBCC Actaclean 12oz ultra strength sneaker cleaner

FBCC Actaclean 12oz ultra strength sneaker cleaner


Actaclean is a professional strength shoe cleaner, you can use it with a scrub brush to get your shoes clean.. you can mix it with hot water as well.. to clean ultraboost I applied the Actaclean to the muddy areas on the shoe..I then put them in the Washing machine and added a little more in the detergent dispenser.. this stuff works great!
Because Actaclean is 12 oz it ships 2-3 day priority depending on where you live.. what makes Actaclean different than other cleaners? Actaclean is universal and has ultimate cleaning strength..most cleaners sell for 15$ and are only 4oz Actaclean is 3x bigger and stronger!!! when using actaclean do not pour it directly on the shoe, use a brush to spread it as it is very strong and will stain it if not used correctly.

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